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Pilot Requirements -

- Drone Pilots for ALL PRO USA must be full time employees of the company and have successfully completed the FCC Part 107 certification and maintain a current pilot license.

- Drone Pilots for ALL PRO USA must have completed a minimum of 60 hours of flight experience before flying a drone on commercial projects.

- Drone Pilots are required to follow the ALL PRO USA Safety and Procedures program as detailed below.

Pre Flight Preparation

  • Check battery levels for drone and controller. If batteries or controller are not at 100% charged change batteries and charge controller prior to flight.
  • Inspect all propeller blades for damage. If any blades are in less than ideal condition replace the blade prior to flight. Inspect the body of the drone for any damage. If any damage is noted DO NOT FLY THE DRONE. Also be sure to check individual drone batteries for any damage. If any damage to a battery is visible, discard the battery properly.
  • Check for FAA flight restrictions along your flight path. Be aware of hospital heliports and airports nearby. Be sure to check limitations on altitude.
  • Make certain you have your FAA Drone Certification Part 107 certificated License with you prior to any flight. Have personal ID also.
  • Be certain that the drone you are using is registered with FAA. Have your UAS Certificate of Registration with you prior to flight.
  • Walk the area of the flight path. Note any obstruction that may interfere with takeoff, landing or flight. Be fully aware of power lines and trees. Remember that power lines are often invisible on overcast or cloudy days.
  • Locate utility poles or other structures near the flight path and follow the lines to be certain you are clear of any obstructions.
  • Check the area for pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Be sure to adjust your flight path so as to not be flying over pedestrians or vehicles.
  • Check your media cards. Be sure you have enough storage space for the flight.
  • Make changes to the media format if necessary. Review your work order to know if you are to be recording in HD, 4K or MGEG or any combination of media formats.
  • If multiple formats are required, land the drone and make changes to media format and do separate flights for each media format that is required for the project.
  • Keep a log of recordings and media formats that include location, date and time of each flight.
Drone Safety

FLIGHT Procedures

  • Conduct a five minute test flight at low altitude and check that all drone movements are working properly with the drone controller.
  • Be sure you are wearing Hi Visibility vest and hat or helmet that is required for the drone operator
  • Always fly the drone within visual line of site. You must be able to clearly see your drone at all times during flights.
  • Flights are only to be performed in good weather with minimal wind. No flights are permitted during periods of rain, snow or fog.
  • All drone flights must include a spotter for the drone operator. The spotter must be dressed in hi visibility vest and hat and have a clear view of the drone at all times. The spotter may not use binoculars or other visual enhancement devices to spot the drone.
  • Flights are permitted 30 minutes prior to sunrise and for 30 minutes after sunset. Flying at any other times is strictly prohibited.
  • Spotter and drone pilot are required to be in communication using two-way audio at all time during the flight.
Drone Safety

Post Flight Procedure

  • Report any incident or accidents immediately to management of ALL PRO USA and file a report with the FAA if required.
  • Do a visual inspection of your drone and note any damage to the body of the drone, battery and propellor blades. Note any damage and replace any parts that may be substandard before returning the drone to storage.
  • Remove Media Card and copy to two separate hard drives. Be sure to visually review the video and photos for any quality issues. Once media has been copied and reviewed, return the media card to the drone.
  • Upload Media to online gallery (Vimeo and SmugMug) for final backup of video and photos.
  • Recharge drone batteries and drone controller prior to returning the drone to storage.
pre-construction video planning

Pre Construction Video & Photographs

Detail the progress of your construction project at the start of each phase of construction. From breaking ground to interior finishing, AllProUSA will document the important phases of your construction project. Documentary style video may be included to produce a creative marketing tool for your website and other social media outlets.
road progress video

Road Inspection Video & Photographs

We detail road conditions prior to construction of natural gas pipelines and telecommunication companies laying cable. Time and date stamped videos/images are broken down to Local, County, State, and Interstate highways and roads. Our easy to navigate files are excellent for litigation involving repaving and other repairs to roadways.
construction video planning

Demolition Video & Photography

Document the preparation and process of your demolition project. Our photography and video details the surrounding areas of your demolition for litigation purposes. In addition, we can produce a documentary style video with interviews of key personnel. Let us showcase your project and produce a creative marketing tool for web and Social Media.

A Selection from our General Portfolio of Projects

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Whether you are a national construction giant or a local contractor, a well made pre-construction video can mean the difference between you getting paid for a job and you paying for a job! Contact AllProUSA today at 412-373-9100 and see what we can do for you!