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Ohio Construction Video

Across Ohio, AllProUSA is the Contractors choice for Construction and Pre-Construction Video and Photography including Road Videos, Aerial Drone Coverage and Progress Video of Worksites.

We've recently completed projects in Columbus, Cleveland, Akron, Wooster, Hudson, Xenia, Port Clinton, and more.

Ohio Construction Video Services

ALL PRO USA has stayed very busy across Ohio for years providing exceptional Construction Video Services for our contractors. We have completed Ohio Pre Construction Video projects in Columbus, Cleveland, Akron, Toledo, Marietta, Port Clinton, Wooster and many more cities. Many samples are on this page to view.

The documentation we provide saves our contractors thousands of dollars in payments and litigation as we document the existing conditions of roads, curbs, sidewalks, culverts, structures, landscaping and other significant items that are affected by construction.

Water/Sewer Lines

Municipalities often require contractors to have pre construction video and photography prior to the start of water and sewer line projects. ALL PRO USA has been providing this specialty service for contractors across the USA for over 20 years. To see more about our capabilities go to our dedicated WATER/SEWER LINE PAGE.

Electric Transmission Lines

Electrical Transmission for Overhead and Underground lines is a specialty at ALL PRO USA. We have substantial experience in this specialized field and work for major contractors and utility companies across the USA. To see more about our capabilities go to our dedicated TRANSMISSION LINE PAGE.

WTP - Water Treatment Plants

Water Treatment Plant construction video and photography has become one of the most important specialties of documentation for ALL PRO USA. We have regular customers call on us for Pre Construction Video and Pre Construction Photography for projects across the USA. To see more about our capabilities go to our dedicated WTP Page.

Construction Haul Route Videos

Haul Routes keep us very busy at ALL PRO USA. Townships, Counties and States typically require contractors to have pre construction videos of all roads that may be used prior to the start of a construction project. To see more about our capabilities go to our dedicated CONSTRUCTION HAUL ROUTES PAGE.

What is Pre Construction Video?

Pre construction video, as well as Pre construction photography is often required by townships, counties and states. Contractors are sometimes surprised by this requirement for the project and the detailed specifications that are required. When done properly pre con video is an important asset regarding litigation for damages that are often blamed on the contractor. This process is sometimes referred to as a Pre Construction Video Survey. To see more about our services visit our PRE CONSTRUCTION VIDEO PAGE.

Construction Video Documentation

Construction Video Documentation is the process of detailing a construction site using video to determine the existing conditions prior to the start of construction. For more information go to our dedicated CONSTRUCTION VIDEO DOCUMENTATION PAGE.

What is a Video Survey? - Construction Site Video Survey

Many terms have the same meaning when searching for a Pre Construction Video Survey. Popular names for these services include Construction Documentation, Pre Construction Video and Construction Site Video Survey. For more information on our Preconstruction Video Survey services visit our VIDEO SITE SURVEY PAGE.

Construction Photo Documentation

Cities, Counties and States often will require a contractor to enlist the services of an independent, experienced company that specializes in the field of Construction Photography Documentation prior to mobilization. For more information go to our dedicated CONSTRUCTION PHOTO DOCUMENTATION PAGE.

What is Construction Documentation?

Construction Documentation is a general term that refers to the use of Video and Photography as a visual record for construction projects. Construction Documentation has three major phases consisting of Pre Construction, Construction Progress and Post Construction. For more information go to our dedicated CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTATION PAGE.

September 12, 2023

Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio Pre Construction Video and Photo Services

Cleveland, Ohio Video and Photo Documentation of Existing Conditions Pre Construction Video and Pre Construction Photography 08-21-2023 All Pro USA was reached out to by a contractor in the state of Ohio. They had asked us to come to the city of Cleveland to document a jobsite that they would be starting work on soon. All Pro USA has a reputation as a trusted Utility Videographer and Construction Videographer. The job was repairs to a […]
July 16, 2021

Columbus, Bartholomew County, Ohio, Pre Construction Video

Columbus, Bartholomew County, Ohio Video Documentation of Existing Conditions Pre Construction Video Documentation July 2021 This Pre Construction Video project was shot in Columbus, Ohio. The location of the documentation on the campus of Ohio State University. They asked us to document the areas around the site that they would be excavating. The site consisted of one road in particular, that road was John H Herrick Dr. This road runs along the campus of OSU. […]
April 21, 2021

Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio Pre Construction Video

Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio Noise Wall Construction Pre Construction Video and Pre Construction Photography Documentation March 2021 ALL PRO USA traveled to Toledo, which is located in Lucas County, Ohio. The job site that required documentation were areas off the shoulder of Highways 23 and 475. The contractor was tasked to construct new sound barriers along the highways to block noise from the highway from the neighborhoods that border the highways. This project required us […]
March 4, 2021

Reading, Ohio, Pre-Construction Video – January 2021

Contractor – InfraSource Reading, Hamilton County, Ohio Pre Construction Video Documentation Pre Construction Video January 2021 All Pro USA was awarded a contract near the City of Cincinnati, Ohio . The contractor that requested our services for this particular project was Infrasource. The job that Infrasource would be undertaking was a new pipeline that would travel approximately twelve miles through different towns near Cincinnati. The contractor required us to document any pre existing conditions that […]
November 17, 2020

Tapan Lake Marina Boat House, Pre-Construction Photography and Video – August 2020

Tappan Lake Marina, Scio, Harrison County, Ohio Marina Boat House Renovations Pre Construction Photography and Video August 2020   For this project ALL PRO USA was asked to come back out to the Tapan Lake Marina in Scio, Ohio in Harrison County. This time we were asked to document the main Marina building for some renovations that will be happening to the building. The contractor that hired us, asked us to document all of the […]

A Selection from our General Portfolio of Projects

To see more, visit our Video Portfolio page.
pre-construction video planning

Pre Construction Video & Photographs

Detail the progress of your construction project at the start of each phase of construction. From breaking ground to interior finishing, AllProUSA will document the important phases of your construction project. Documentary style video may be included to produce a creative marketing tool for your website and other social media outlets.
road progress video

Road Inspection Video & Photographs

We detail road conditions prior to construction of natural gas pipelines and telecommunication companies laying cable. Time and date stamped videos/images are broken down to Local, County, State, and Interstate highways and roads. Our easy to navigate files are excellent for litigation involving repaving and other repairs to roadways.
construction video planning

Demolition Video & Photography

Document the preparation and process of your demolition project. Our photography and video details the surrounding areas of your demolition for litigation purposes. In addition, we can produce a documentary style video with interviews of key personnel. Let us showcase your project and produce a creative marketing tool for web and Social Media.

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