Bridgeport, Ohio Pre Construction Videography

Pre Construction Video
Utility Line Documentation
Bridgeport OH

ALL PRO USA was contacted by the general contractor for this Utility Project in Bridgeport WV to provide a video documentation of the roads and business property that may be affected by the construction of a new water utility line. ALL PRO USA is the leader in Construction Videography and was awarded the contract within a few days. ALL PRO USA encourages new customers to take time to view Construction Videos on our website,

This project involved recording of a parking lot, roads, intersections and private business property. Permission was granted for access to the business properties. Of particular concern was an eight foot chain link fence with barbed wire at the top. Portions of this fence were expected to be removed during construction and the contractor needed to have a clear video documentation of the existing conditions for the entire 800 feet of fence prior to the start of construction.

Construction Video

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The business owners also had stock materials stored near the fence. Additional there was a separate fence surrounding an industrial propane tank. These items needed to be video documented. Being granted access to these areas made this quite easy to achieve.

The roads and parking lots for this project were completed using a camera mounted to a full size pickup truck. The speed of the vehicle was kept to less than 10mph for safety as well as clarity and detail of the 4K video. Additional equipment in the cab of the truck was used to monitor and control the camera movements. ALL PRO USA Construction Videographers use a two person team of camera operator and driver for safety. The truck is clearly  marked for construction documentation and has multiple safety lights and strobes. ALL PRO USA team members are all OSHA-10 certified and always follow the rule of Safety First.

Hand held video was shot for the areas on the outside of the fence that surrounded the businesses. These areas were shot using a gimbal mounted camera for smooth clear video. It was a tight shot as the fence was within ten feet of a stream with a steep slope for most of the 400 foot length of the fence. Audio narration of the pre construction videos was performed by the camera operators during the video recording. Potholes in roads, cracks in parking lots, damage to guardrails, driveways and other property was noted by the camera operator.

This project was completed in less than four hours. At completion, our team of construction videographers did an onsite review of the video footage to make sure nothing was missed. One it was confirmed that everything in the scope of work was completed we called the project manager to make sure there was not anything additional that may be needed. It is not unusual for a PM to mention something that was not brought up initially. Most of the time it is something that we shot already. We often shoot areas that are considered out of the scope just to cover our contractors.

It is imperative to make sure everything possible is video recorded before leaving the job site to avoid having to return for something that could have been done in just a few minutes. After returning to our editing studio we put the videos together in an organized and easy to understand format. Having the videos arranged in and easy to find way is something our customers greatly appreciate. The videos were then sent to the contractor to view online. Once approved USB Drives were sent. ALL PRO USA takes pride in always doing a good job for our customers and owners. We used the best equipment, take time to do it right and always maintain safety first on the job.

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