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Cleveland, Ohio
Video and Photo Documentation of Existing Conditions
Pre Construction Video and Pre Construction Photography

All Pro USA was reached out to by a contractor in the state of Ohio. They had asked us to come to the city of Cleveland to document a jobsite that they would be starting work on soon. All Pro USA has a reputation as a trusted Utility Videographer and Construction Videographer. The job was repairs to a hillside in the Irishtown Bend area of Cleveland. The area was at risk of collapsing into the Cuyahoga River and the company that asked to come out wanted to see the existing conditions of the area that they would be working in. They wanted to see the current state of the road surfaces, bridges, bridge supports, curbs, sidewalks, man hole covers, storm drains, buildings that could be impacted and whatever else the team thought notable while they were on the site. This particular job required the full arsenal of gear from All Pro. The contractor what both pre construction video and pre construction photography. This job also had the team utilize our drone to get additional angles of some of the harder to reach places of the jobsite.Pre Construction Photography Services.

Construction Video

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There were four main portions to this jobsite. There was a hillside, 3 bridges, a building that would have a section demolished and multiple roads that needed to be documented. The video was required to have audio to accompany it of what the camera operator saw while conducting the survey. This was one of the first challenges that All Pro USA solved. The drone does not naturally record audio while documentation is taking place. We came up with a solution to sync audio and allow the team to record what they saw while the drone was in the air. One of the other challenges was the bridge documentation and this was solved for the most part using the drone. The bridges were large and had intricate supports and structures that the contractor wanted documented. This area was also within controlled airspace of an airport. Our team has two FAA licensed pilots that have passed their part 107 exams and were able to get clearance to operate in the area. As far as the building and the roads All Pro USA used their traditional methods to capture these areas with handheld solutions and a Truck Mounted option for the roads.

Once the documentation is completed the team notifies the contractor and then returns to the studio to begin the editing process. The first step includes backing up and coping the files to multiple hard drives for safe keeping. All Pro USA retains the files in case the contractor would need something in the future. However there are cases where the contractor has requested that we delete the files do to the sensitive nature of the project. The videos are edited to exclude any preparation or positioning for a shot that the contractor would not need. Then titles with pertinent information are overlaid on the videos to convey the name of the street or what is being documented and the start and stop points for a recording. Once the clips are exported they are uploaded to Vimeo in the form of a Showcase. The photos are then uploaded to smugmug in their own gallery. This allows the contractor to easily share the files with whoever may need to view them. In addition to this the contractor receives two USB drives for their own records.

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