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Construction in Pennsylvania is taking place at a rapid pace. Many PA cities and areas have aging infrastructure that requires replacement or improvements to electric utilities, water lines, roadways as well as needs for other general contracting.

PA Regions that are experiencing a boom in construction include the Susquehanna Valley, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Pittsburgh, Scranton and the west Philadelphia suburbs. Other areas of substantial increase include Greensburg, Butler, Erie PA as well as Clearfield, Reading and Beaver counties.

Construction Video

Across the State of Pennsylvania, ALL PRO USA is the contractor's choice for Construction and Pre Construction Video and Photography including Road Videos, Aerial Drone Coverage and Progress Video of Worksites.

We've recently completed projects in the Pittsburgh Area, near Erie and in Central PA near Harrisburg.

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During the planning process for a construction project the engineer or project manager may be asked to enlist the services of a company that specializes in Pre Construction Video or Pre Construction Photography.

Finding a company that specializes in construction video documentation is the key to successfully completing this requirement. To properly document a construction site it is important that the company you select has the experience, skills and equipment needed.

You may notice in the contract bid specifications that you are required to hire an independent third party to perform your pre construction video survey. The owner in this situation is often the city or county.

It is in the interest of all parties that these pre con videos or pre con photos be done correctly. It is expected that some damage to property may occur during construction. Having a professionally recorded video that is recorded prior to the start of construction will most always put a stop to frivolous litigation.

This is why the owner requires these pre construction videos and photos to be shot by a company that specializes in this field. The project specs will often mention the company needs to have been in business of construction video for a minimum of ten years. Going online and hiring a local videographer that does weddings and events is not going to meet these requirements.

If the work is submitted and is not up the standards the engineer is expecting, the video will need to be re-done. Delays in the notice to proceed may result in these instances.

A professional construction videographer will be recording in 4K for a sharp, clear image. Be sure your construction videographer is using pro grade mirrorless camera to provide for bright video even in areas that are dark or shaded. Sony and Nikon offer some of the current best options.

You may need PA Haul Route Videos recorded. Depending on the roadways this could mean residential roads, county roads or in some cases interstate highways.

These videos need to be shot using not only the best camera equipment but need to be done safely. Construction is one of the most dangerous fields and when driving is part of the scope of work many factors need to be addressed.

The vehicle needs to have proper safety lighting and signage. Adherence to speed limits, tra ffi c signals and stop signs are extremely important when recoding a pre construction video. Distractions need to be kept to a minimum for safety and quality of work.

If your PA Pre Construction project requires aerial video or aerial photos be sure the company you hire has registered the drone with the FAA. Also the drone pilot must have completed the FAA Part 107 drone pilot license test and have been issued the proper FAA license to do commercial work.

Aerial Video and Photos are an invaluable tool for a comprehensive pre construction video. In many cases aerial video and photos is all that is needed to properly document a construction site. Todays professional drones shoot at 4K or higher resolution and proved great etail that is otherwise unattainable.

Many projects are best suited using a professional 360 camera. Shooting 360 Video or 360 Photography provides the viewer the opportunity to interact with the video to explore areas of importance that are sometimes overlooked. 360 Cameras are still developing and improving and should be a part of any professional construction video companies tools.

Lastly be sure to ask about how your videos or photos will be delivered. Engineers and Project Managers are often disappointed at how difficult it is to find something important. They know it was recorded so this is frustrating and a waste of valuable time scrolling through unedited photos and videos.

Your photos and videos should be edited and organized to individual folders for particular areas of construction. They should be sent to you in 4K or 1080p and not be compressed to a lower quality. A professional company that does this full time should be able to provide and online viewing gallery for your photos and videos. USB Drives should be sent to you directly. Copies need to be retained at the Video Construction Company for a minimum of three years.

For more information regarding PA pre construction video and PA construction photography we encourage you to view other information on this website.

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