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Overview of our Construction Photography Documentation Services

Construction Photography Documentation is the process of detailing a construction site using photographs to determine the existing conditions prior to the start of construction. Photos of this type prevent expensive and time consuming litigation from homeowners, businesses and local governments that may attempt to collect damages as a result of construction. This may also be referred to as a construction photo survey.

Cities, Counties and States often will require a contractor to enlist the services of an independent, experienced company that specializes in the field of Construction Photo Documentation or preconstruction video prior to mobilization.

Bid documents and project plans generally have this listed and provide much detail regarding the expectations of how this specialty service is to be performed. Some of the required details include having information such as the date, project name, direction of travel and viewing position on the photograph.

Stationing is also required for many projects that correspond to the contract drawings. These points are called stations and are designated by a number such as 295+10. Having these photos organized into folders using the stations in the folder name make it easy for engineers and project managers to find a specific location of a corresponding photograph.

Many Construction Photo Documentation projects do not have stationing. In these instances physical items such as buildings, homes, bridges, trees and streets may be used when organizing the photos into folders.

Construction Photography Documentation is performed prior to the start of construction (pre construction photos), and often at the end of construction (post construction photos).

As the project moves along periodic, or progress photos are often time required. These are also referred to as Owner Directed Photos. This type of Progress Photography may be scheduled on a monthly basis or for landmark phases of the construction.

Time Lapse Photography is also an important part of Construction Photography Documentation. Time Lapse Photos can be made into a video that shows the project from start to finish or can be used to document a particular process of construction. These Time Lapse Videos are very popular for marketing purposes and are featured on the websites of many construction companies.

ALL PRO USA has been in the business of professional Construction Photography Documentation for nearly 15 years. Our Construction Photography Services have saved our contractors many thousands of dollars in repairs to roads, sidewalks, curbs and other property. Without having a clear photographic record of the conditions prior to the start of construction our contractors would have been held responsible.

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