Harrison County, Ohio, Haul Route Videos

Pre Construction Video
Road Improvement Project
Harrison County Ohio

ALL PRO USA was contacted by the general contractor for this Road Construction Project in Harrison County Ohio to document roads that would be used as haul routes for an upcoming project. The contractor was a repeat customer for ALL PRO USA we were awarded the project based on previous experiences. All of the work for this Haul Route Video project was completed using a camera mounted to a truck. Speed was kept to less than 10mph for safety as well as clarity and detail of the 4K video. Particular areas with more damage to the surface of the roads were shot at less than 5 mph for additional detail. Video equipment in the cab of the truck was used to monitor and control the camera movements.

Construction Video

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ALL PRO USA Construction Videographers use a two person team of camera operator and driver for safety. The truck is clearly marked for construction documentation and has multiple safety lights and strobes. ALL PRO USA team members are all OSHA-10 certified and always follow the rule of Safety First.
This project consisted of four roads. One road was paved and the other three were a mix of gravel, dirt and somewhat worn out asphalt.

The roads were shot in only one direction as they were only two lane roads. It was important to shoot only in a South to North or West to East direction when possible to avoid the glare on the roads that is predominate with construction videography in the winter months. We had a mix of sun and clouds that resulted in many areas of speckling. Speckling is the effect of sun/shade coming through trees. Construction Video Recording in these areas is challenging and it is important to go very slowly to allow the camera enough time to adjust.Most importantly we used state of the art cameras and have the the experience and knowledge to make sure the videos looked great. The project specifications required the camera operator to include an audio narration describing the road conditions as ​the recording was taking place. This is something we do on all of our construction videos and we make sure we have good sound and content for the narration. As we are slowly driving on the roads the camera operator will mention potholes, cracks or other noticeable deficiencies.

Once we completed the recording of the four roads we looked over the videos to make sure everything was recorded and that the quality was up to our standards. We look to make sure the video is sharp and focused and bright and clear. We then did our standard call to the project manager to let him know we completed the project and asked if there was anything else he might need. He did not need anything additional so the video production portion of this project was then completed.There have been times when the PM at this point would mention for us to get a lay down yard or something similar that was not included in the original scope. We are always happy to get it done as we want to do our absolute best for our customers.

Once back at our editing studio we completed the project by checking the project info for accuracy of date of recording, direction of travel, project location and other important data. We then uploaded the videos and sent them to the Project Manager for approval. Once approved we then sent the USB Drives.​ ALL PRO USA takes great pride when we have repeat customers call us. Construction Videography is a crucial component for our customers and owners and it is important to make sure it is done on time and done right.

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