Burton, Genesee County, Michigan, Pre Construction Video

Contractors – Insituform/Aegion 

Burton, Genesee County, Michigan
Video Documentation of Existing Conditions
Pre Construction Video Documentation
June 2021

This Pre Construction Video project was shot in Burton, Michigan for the contractor Insituform and Aegion. The Contractor had requested our services to document the existing conditions around manhole covers in the sewer system for the town. Areas around the manhole covers varied from road surfaces to the yards or property of various residences. The contractor asked for clear documentation of the parking lots, curbs, entrances to businesses, aprons, driveways, and any other areas that could be impacted by the work that they were doing. This particular project was captured using one of our Mirrorless Cameras. The camera that was used for the documentation was the Sony A7S III. In addition to the use of the Sony Mirrorless Camera the team did utilize our drone for a few aerial shots of areas that were not easily accessed via foot or vehicle. Due to the type of work that would be completed by the contractor they only required video documentation. The team on the ground to did not have utilize pre construction photograph to document the work site.

Construction Video

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Two methods were used to capture the construction video documentation. The first of these methods was the use of our Sony A7Siii and a DJI Ronin Gimbal. The team mounted the camera to the gimbal and used it to methodically move through the project site. Safety is a top priorty for ALLPROUSA whenn a team is on the ground, proper hi-visibility vests and hats were worn throughout the documentation. The gimbal allows the team to move with the camera while on foot but still maintain a stable shot. A microphone is used so that members of the team can clearly document what the camera sees while they move through the job site. The second of the methods used was mentioned earlier and that was the use of our drone to capture a few areas that were hard for the team to reach. Using the drone they flew the path that would be impacted by the work the contractors would be completing.

Once the documentation is completed on site, the contractors are notified that the team has completed the documentation. The team then returns to the studio where the editing process begins. All video files are copied and properly backed up to prevent anything from being lost. The actual editing process takes place inside of professional editing software. This project posed an interesting challenge during the editing process. There were over 40 locations that the team had documented on the ground. This meant that there were hundreds of raw clips that were captured around the manhole covers in the sewer system. The team took care duing the shooting process to ensure that they would know what they were looking at once they returned to the studio.

The challenge was to present the contractor with final video files that helped them understand where they were on the project plans and what they were looking at. Titles were added to the files that matched with information from the plans to help them locate and understand what they were looking at. This included projecct speficific information as well as street names. Onces the files were edited they were organized into folders that corresponded with the pages of the plans that were provided by the contractor. The video files were then copied to two USB flash drives and sent to the contractor for their own personal records and to allow them to access the files whenever they need to.

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