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Mogadore Ohio

ALL PRO USA was contacted by the general contractor for this Construction Utility Project in Mogadore Ohio to document the roads that would be used as haul routes or otherwise affected by the construction project. ALL PRO USA is the leader in Pre Construction Video and was awarded the contract once the contractor had time to review our proposal and look at Sample Construction Videos on our website, Most of the work for this project was completed using a camera mounted to a truck. Speed was kept to less than 10mph for safety as well as clarity and detail of the 4K video. Additional equipment in the cab of the truck was used to monitor and control the camera movements. ALL PRO USA Construction Videographers use a two person team of camera operator and driver for safety. The truck is clearly marked for construction documentation and has multiple safety lights and strobes. ALL PRO USA team members are all OSHA-10 certified and always follow the rule of Safety First.

Construction Video

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The work for this project consisted of only one road, N Cleveland Ave. This two lane asphalt paved road was in mostly good condition. Very little in the way of damage was noted as the road was video recorded in multiple directions. The road was video recorded a total of four times. The North bound lane, South bound lane, West Shoulder and East Shoulder. The shoulder views provide exceptional video documentation of sidewalks, driveways, intersections, curbs and other homeowner and business property. This view is generally the most important view as most utility work is done on the sides of the roads.

Existing damage to these areas needs to be clearly noted. Additional hand held video was shot for the limited areas that had sidewalks. These areas were shot using a gimbal mounted camera for smooth clear video. Audio narration of the pre construction videos was performed by the camera operators during the video recording. Potholes in roads, cracks in sidewalks, damage to guardrails, driveways and other property was noted by the camera operator. Drone Video was also utilized for a parking lot that will be used as a lay down or staging area for equipment and supplies during the construction. The areal view provided the best view for the asphalt lot that had considerable cracks throughout.

This project was completed in just a few hours. Once completed ALL PRO USA began the process of editing the video to make sure all data information on the video was correct. The videos were then uploaded to an online viewing gallery and sent to the customer for review. One of the most important parts of doing a preconstruction video is putting the final product together in a way that makes it easy for the customer to review the videos.

Organization and proper labeling is crucial. Contractors and owners do not have time to call a construction videographer to ask about how to navigate the videos. The videos were quickly approved and the general contractor was very pleased with the results. USB Drives were then sent to the customer for hard copies to share with the owner. Although these types of videos are considered not very complicated, it is important that everything is done correctly.

A road inspection videos that is not done right, is not worth having done in the first place. New customers often tell us of construction videos they had done in the past that were rejected by the engineers and owner. This results in having to re-do the pre construction video and in the worst case scenario can hold up the start of the construction project. ALL PRO USA has never had a video rejected. We take great pride in making sure it is done right.

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