Brandywine MD – Water Line Installation Contractor – Garney Construction

For this construction video project ALL PRO USA was hired by the contractor, Garney Construction. Garney calls on ALL PRO USA for many projects in Maryland and other states and we have been doing construction video for the company for the past five years. The focus of this pre construction project was to document the pathway of a water line that would travel across and near roadways and wooded areas.

The 4 mile pipeline went from Surratts Road and then south to Moores Road in the area of Clinton Township. Along the pathway the line crossed many marshy areas including Piscataway Creek in the Louise F Cosca Regional Park.

For this project we needed to hike through the woods using 4K Video Cameras to document the limits of disturbance. The Center Lines were often hidden to to the thick brush and for location reference we used hand held GPS. Aerial Drone Video was not an option due to the heavy forestation. Progress Video and Progress Photography was not required