Bronson, Michigan Pre-Construction Video, October 2019

Bronson,  Branch County, Michigan and Sturgis, St. Joseph County, Michigan
Road Work Pre-Construction
Pre-Construction Video
March 2020


This project only required construction video, we did not have to complete construction photography or utilize the drone for construction video. We were brought on to complete this job for the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT). This project required All Pro USA to document the roads along the proposed path of the project. This project started in the town of Bronson, Michigan which is a part of Branch County. The focus of the job for us was to adequately document any and all pre-existing conditions that were visible along any part of the proposed path for the project. The specific road that we were focused on in the Town of Bronson was East Chicago Street. A challenge that we faced in the town was the shear amount of considerable damage that we had to document on driveways and sidewalks. We had to be certain that we did not miss anything as this would mean that Michigan Paving would be held responsible for damage they did not cause.

MI Construction Video

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There were two other challenges that we faced while working in the Town of Bronson. The first of these was working around Bronson City Works Department that was doing work at the time we were on site. We needed to stay out of their way while still being thorough for Michigan Paving. The other of the challenges was the traffic in the Town of Bronson. During the early morning and afternoon there were intersections that had heavy traffic. This meant that we had to properly manage our time not cause traffic issues while conducting our pre-construction survey. 
In the starting town of Bronson, Michigan we went in extreme detail to document businesses, road surfaces, sidewalks, and curbs of any damage that was pre-existing. Inside of the town of Bronson there was a hardware store named Barrone Hardware. This particular store was of interest to Michigan Paving and they specifically asked for documentation of the basement. Documenting this area posed a small challenge for the team. There were five individual basements that needed video shot. Most of these were unfinished with dirt floors and only 5 feet of crawl space. This meant that the videographer would be working in very tight quarters. In two of the basements there was not lighting so we had to utilize the video lights that we had to get clear video. The reason Michigan Paving needed these shots is they wanted documentation of the Foundation of the building that housed the shop. It was along the proposed route that Michigan Paving would be working on. There was concern that the vibrations from the work being done would cause damage to the early 1900's circa building.
The stretch of road that we would be recording was also a fairly lengthy stretch. In all it was about sixteen miles of road that would be recorded from out start point in Bronson, Michigan to Sturgis, Michigan. To document the road surface, curbs and sidewalks. We used our cameras mounted to out RAM 1500 with an elevation of eight feet from ground level for excellent views for the items being documented. The controls for viewing, pan, tilt, and zoom were done using a system on the interior of the pickup truck. A two person team was used at all times to operate the truck. One was in charge of driving while the other operated controls for the camera. The RAM 1500 was equipped with safety lighting and clearly visible signage, and the vehicle traveled at an average speed under 5 MPH during documentation. When we could not use the truck portions of the video were shot using hand held cameras, this was important for some close up detail of the curbs and sidewalks. More importantly for the shots of the basement of the Barrone Hardware Store. All Pro USA does extensive work in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio, samples of our neighboring states are available on our website video gallery. Another option is to select any state you would like from the drop down. Some of the other contractors we have worked for include Wabash Utilities, Zachry Construction, Tam Construction and Distel Construction.

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