Upgrades to Existing Water Lines, St. Clair Shores, Michigan, May 2019

St. Clair Shores, Macomb County, Michigan
Upgrades to existing water lines
Pre-Construction Video
May 2019


This project only required construction video, we did not have to complete construction photography. To complete this project All Pro USA was asked to document road surfaces, businesses and residences that fell within the contractors scope of work. The town that the project focused on was that of St Clair Shores, Michigan which is apart of Macomb County. The documentation was taking place to point out any pre-existing conditions with road surfaces, businesses or residences prior to the contractor starting their project. With this all taking place in a residential area the two man team on the job emphasized safety as a top priority. Both members of the team wore proper high visibility vests and hats. the truck they used to complete the project was outfitted with proper safety lights and signage during all of the filming. In addition to this the truck was kept at a speed of 5 MPH or lower during filming, this also ensures optimal video quality. 

MI Construction Video

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The main challenge of this particular project was its large scope. All Pro USA was tasked with recording sixty four individual streets in the town of St. Clair Shores. Each street required the documentation of the road surfaces, curbs, sidewalks and any home owner or business property that fell within the scope of the project. The road surfaces consisted of primarily of concrete and had extensive damage in many areas that were being documented. This is were the truck played a role in the filming process. Each street was documented by a camera that was mounted to a RAM 1500 Pickup. The camera is elevated eight feet from the road and this produces phenomenal quality and clarity in the video. This allows the contractor to easily see the conditions of the road surfaces, curbs, sidewalks and driveways.
When Recording from the vehicle the team utilized a state of the art monitoring system from inside the truck. With a six inch HD monitor complete with controls for pan, tilt and zoom The camera operator inside the vehicle can see exactly what the camera sees and adjust it properly to capture the shot that the contractor is looking for. During operation of the vehicle there was always one member of the team driving and the other operating the camera systems. The truck mounted camera us a produces great quality but there are places that the truck just cannot reach. For this job we utilized construction drone video to capture these areas that would have other wise been inaccessible. Our FAA licensed pilot has complete their part 107 exam and has all of the qualifications to properly operate the drone or sUAV. These videos in particular were extremely important to our contractor because these areas would be excavated close to homeowner property. The low flying drone provided in depth detailed video of the pre-existing conditions of these areas. 
The final challenge for this particular project was one that we solved once back in the studio. Editing and delivering these videos to the contractor in an easy and understandable way was tricky for this project because of the multitude of areas covered. The videos were shot in a uniform manner and labeled so that the contractor could easily find a particular street or residence once construction was complete. Often times homeowners or businesses will try to blame the contractor for damage that was pre-existing. This is the importance of why we want to make the videos easily accessible should a particular business or residence need to be referenced. Once completed the videos were delivered via USB drives. Upon request for this project we also used DVD's that were sent to IPR and the City of St. Clair Shores. In addition to the USB drives contractors receive video gallery that is online to make sharing and mobile viewing simple. Projects such as this are something that All Pro USA specializes in. As a company we have completed several projects in Michigan and neighboring states such as Indiana and Ohio. Other videos can be viewed by state on our website.

Do you have a project that needs our services? Learn more by calling 412-373-9100, email us at info@AllProUSA.com or using our
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