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In the last year All Pro USA has kept busy working on various construction projects across several different states in the Southern and South Eastern United States. As a company, All Pro USA is based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This means that as the winter months begin construction in the North East begins to slow down a bit. Last winter around this time All Pro USA was gearing up to head to North Carolina to complete three jobs in the State. Two of these jobs were for the same Contractor, which was Environmental Air System, the first of these jobs was a company kickoff meeting for 2020 at their plant in High Point, North Carolina and the other was some construction documentation for a project that they had at the Pfizer Plant. The plant that we were working at was the Pfizer Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plant in Sanford, North Carolina. The other project took place in the town of Winston Salem and was for the contractor Zachry Construction. The slow down of construction projects in the North East allows us to take on projects in other states to our south. We have completed projects in several of the surrounding states as well. This includes Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Alabama and Virginia.

NC & SC Construction Video

Across North and South Carolina, ALL PRO USA is the contractor's choice for Construction and Pre Construction Video and Photography including Road Videos, Aerial Drone Coverage and Progress Video of Worksites.

We've recently completed projects in High Point, Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro, Winston Salem as well as others.

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These jobs required us to utilize all of the techniques that we have been honing over the years to complete the documentation. All of these jobs in North Carolina required All Pro USA to complete a mix of Construction Video Documentation, Construction Photography, Construction Progress Video, Progress Photography,  Aerial Videography and Aerial Photography. The team at All Pro USA has several years of experience completing this type of documentation and has completed numerous jobs for different contractors. We have acquired several pieces of equipment that allow us to complete construction video and photography to the specs that are required by the contractor, the city, or even the state. No matter what the specs of your job All Pro USA will meet and exceed what is being asked of you in terms of documentation of the work site. For photography we have utilized several camera models to complete projects, these include the Canon Mark III, Canon Mark IV, Nikon Z6 Mirrorless Camera, and will soon be adding a Sony A7s III to our photography arsenal. Documentation that requires video has been captured using HD Panasonic Video cameras, but with the advent of mirrorless cameras we have transitioned more and more to using the Nikon Z6 on a DJI Ronin stabilizer to capture the video documentation. This is another place that the new Sony A7s III will be used across job sites.
Aerial Photography and Aerial Video is captured using our DJI Mavic Pro 2. Our Team has to pilots that have passed their part 107 exam and are FAA certified to fly drones for commercial use. This is another area that we are looking to add equipment in 2021. As we move into the new year we are looking at improving our drone capabilities. At this time though it is to early to say exactly what model we will decide on but we are looking to be able to shoot at least 6k video from the air. After listing all of this equipment there is one thing to be said if you have a project that needs pre construction documentation or post construction All Pro USA is the choice for you. We will meet and often exceed the specifications of the projects that we are tasked with. Attention to detail is what allows the team at All Pro USA to confidently provide our contractors with a finished and complete documentation of the job site. Examples of our work can be found on the various state pages that we have on our website, you can also visit the North and South Carolina Page by clicking here to view samples of the job that we completed in Winston Salem. This project required us to document the proposed route that would be used to put in new sewer lines. The path crossed through a park and along a road that had several businesses that would be impacted by the work. As a team All Pro USA ensured that each area was properly documented, with specific detail given to the areas around each of the businesses to protect both the contractor and the business owners.

Do you have a project that needs our services? Learn more by calling 412-373-9100, email us at or using our
contact us page. We can be onsite quickly and will deliver outstanding results.