North Mill Creek Outfall Project Phase 2, Pre Construction Video and Construction Photography

Winston Salem, Forsyth County, North Carolina
North Mill Creek Outfall Project Phase 2
Pre Construction Video
December 2020


All Pro USA headed to North Carolina to complete this job that was the second phase to a job that we had completed earlier this year. The job that they were completing was the replacement of the sewer line that serviced the area. The area of impact was extensive and included the Sara Lee Soccer Complex as well as the Hine Soccer Park. The team from the contractor had already begun work on the ground and this required All Pro USA to mobilize quickly and ensure that we could capture the area as best as possible even though they started work. We got the call on Thursday and had the project shot by Saturday and in the Project Managers hands by Monday. All Pro USA and its team always work at a fast pace to ensure that the customer has what they need when they need it. The pace for this project was not a normal turn around for projects such as this but when it is necessary All Pro USA and its team can get the project done in an expedited manner if needed. This job took place near the North Forsyth High School in Winston Salem, North Carolina. The county that the project took place in was North Forsyth County. This is also the town that is home to the prestigious Wake Forest University. 

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For this project we captured pre construction video, we also offer construction photography services but they were not required for this particular job. To do this we utilized three methods and three pieces of equipment to capture the job site. The first is the simplest, this was done by just walking the length of the project site with a handheld camera. The camera system that was used for this was a Nikon Z6 Mirrorless Camera mounted to a DJI Ronin S Gimbal. The reason that we use the gimbal is because it provides stability and smoothness to the shot even while the camera operator is walking and moving the camera around to look at different areas along the limits of disturbance. The second for of video that we captured was using our RAM 1500 truck. We mounted the Nikon Z6 to the truck using our own method to safely secure it. This is done with a two person team to ensure the safety of the team and those around them. One of the team members focused on the operation of the vehicle in a safe manner, while the other operated the camera. Control are ran to the inside of the vehicle and the camera is hooked up to a monitor so that the other member of the team can monitor what the camera sees. Controls for the pan and tilt of the camera are also available to the camera operator inside the vehicle to adjust the camera while the vehicle is in motion to ensure that the proper shot is captured. 
The third method that we used to document this jobsite was aerial drone video. The team at All Pro USA has two FAA certified drone pilots that have both passed their part 107 exam. This job was a challenge for the pilot that was in charge of operating the drone on site. Along the proposed path for the flight there was a prison that had to be avoided because the drone is not able to fly through the airspace above a prison. The other challenge for this jobsite was the entire route of the project was in Class D airspace. This required the drone operator to get permission from the FAA using LAANC to fly in the Class D airspace up to an altitude of 400 feet above ground level. This is simple for the remote pilot in command with modern day mobile applications, the pilot was able to request permission and have it granted almost instantly from the jobsite. Once this permission was granted the pilot got the DJI Mavic Pro 2 into the air to capture the entire length of the project. This third and final angle of the jobsite is the most unique and gives a totally different perspective than the other two that were already captured. This allows the contractor and the project manager to observe the site from not only the ground, but an aerial view that would otherwise not be possible.

Do you have a project that needs our services? Learn more by calling 412-373-9100, email us at or using our
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