Oil City, Venango County, PA Pre Construction Video and Photography

Oil City, Venango County, Pennsylvania
Underground Waterline Project
Construction Video and Photography Documentation
October 2020

ALL PRO USA traveled to Oil City, which is located in Venango County, Pennsylvania. The area that we were working in was north of our hometown of Pittsburgh and was near the Allegheny National Forest. The job site that required documentation were two roads in the town. The roads were Halyday Street and Dwyer Street. Terra Works would be working in the area to upgrade some of the water lines that ran underneath these two streets. This project required us to utilize both Pre Construction Video and Construction Photography. A two person team headed up to Oil City in early October to capture the documentation needed so that the contractor could submit it to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT). They needed to submit the documentation for approval from PennDOT before they were allowed to begin the project. Two different cameras were used to document the job site. The first was the video camera and it was a Nikon Z6 Mirrorless Camera the other was a Canon 5D Mk IV for the still photography.

Construction Video

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For the road surface documentation it was fairly routine for the team on the ground. The Nikon Z6 was mounted to a DJI Ronin Gimbal and was attached to our RAM 1500 Truck. At this point the camera was attached to a monitor inside the vehicle so that we could see the shot and make sure that everything that we needed was in the frame. The team split the tasks to ensure the safety of both members while using the truck. One of the team members focused on the safe operation of the vehicle and the other was in charge of the camera operations using a controller and the monitor inside of the vehicle. The team then traveled in the truck at speeds under five miles per hour to ensure a smooth and stable shot. The roads were shot in both directions of travel with visible landmarks at the beginning and then end of the shot to help the contractor identify where they were on the job site. We ensured that the landmarks were well outside the end of the project line to ensure that none of the site was left undocumented. In addition to the road surface documentation we captured to road in both directions with the camera turned to the side to get an additional angle of the sidewalks and sides of the road where it was not safe to walk.  Once we completed the documentation of the road surfaces from the truck we took the camera down and started the ground level documentation on foot of the sidewalks for video. The other member of the team used the Canon camera to start capturing the photography of the job site. The team walked to entire length of the road to capture the sidewalks where they existed along the road. This is where the challenge of this job came into play. There were not a lot of houses along the road but where there were the team had to make sure that each of the houses were documented in extensive detail. Since the job site was on the smaller side it allowed the team to focus on each of the properties to ensure that each of the residences had proper documentation. During the video documentation from the ground the other member of the team took photos along the street. Photos were captured extremely often, about every 20 to 30 feet along the proposed route of the project. Once all of the ground documentation was completed the team packed up the equipment and headed back to the studio in Pittsburgh, PA.
Upon completion on the ground the team contacted the project manager to let them know that the job was completed. During this phone call the contractor let the team know that they would need the documentation as soon as possible. As mentioned earlier the contractor needed approval from PennDOT once the documentation was submitted to them. The team for the contractor was going to try to start as soon as they could on the job since it had already been delayed slightly. The team worked to edit the video footage and the photos to get them to the contractor as quickly as possible. For the photos we added the date to all of them in the top left corner of the photos individually. The videos got the same thing for the date as well as titles to help label the video so that the contractor knew where they were along the route as they watch the video. Once the editing of the documentation was complete the photos and the video were uploaded to hosting sites online so that the contractor could access the documentation as quickly as possible. We also copied the files to two USB drives and sent them to the contractor so they had physical copies as well.
Oil City, Venango County, PA Pre Construction Video and Photography
Oil City, Venango County, PA Pre Construction Video and Photography