Hudson Ohio (near Cleveland) Municipal Building Project

Contractor – Cavanaugh Building Corp.

This Construction Video Project for the City of Hudson Ohio involved video documentation a job site where construction was set to begin of a Salt Storage Facility and Bus Maintenance Garage for the school district. Townships and Municipalities often require contractors to provide pre-construction video and it was a requirement on this project.

AllProUSA was hired by the contractor, Cavanaugh Building Corp. to document the roadways, sidewalks, curbs, driveways, culverts, retaining walls, landscaping and utilities within the lines of disturbance to provide an accurate record of the pre-construction conditions.

A general overall view of the job site was requested and since the area was mostly woods, we decided to fly our drone over the entire work site using the schematics and maps. The aerial view from the drone provided exceptional images of the wetlands that were a major concern of excavation. Progress Video and Progress Photography will be provided at intervals to be decided by the contractor and municipality.

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