Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District Project No. TA-19010
Tappan Lake Marina WWTP – April 2020

Tappan Lake Marina, Scio, Harrison County, Ohio
Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP)
Pre-Construction Video and Photos


We have done projects in Ohio and other states for the past five years with several contractors. This project required ALL PRO USA to document the area that would be impacted by the proposed project which was the installation of a new Waste Water Treatment Plant across from the parking lot of the Tappan Lake Marina. For this job we had to document the road that would be dug underneath as well as the parking lot for the main building of the marina and the Ohio Valley Boats store as well. 

OH Construction Video

Across Ohio, ALL PRO USA is the contractor's choice for Construction and Pre Construction Video and Photography including Road Videos, Aerial Drone Coverage and Progress Video of Worksites.

We have completed jobs around Toledo, Columbus, Cincinnati, and Akron as well as other parts of the state.

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To complete this project we utilized a three person team to document the area around the Marina where the new plant would be going. Throughout the project safety was at the forefront of each person that was working on the team. Each of us had high visibility vests and hats to ensure that we were easily able to be seen. We also had our hardhats and safety toe boots packed in the truck, this job did not require either but they were both readily available should they become a necessity. For the cement work and parking lot we documented it from the ground using a Nikon Mirrorless camera mounted to a DJI Ronin Gimbal to stabilize the shots even with the camera operator walking and moving the camera around for the proper shot. Using this setup allows the operator to move through the path of the project and create a continuous shot to make the video easily re-viewable by the contractor.  
The second way that this particular project was documented was the use of drone video and drone photography. Our FAA Certified Drone Pilot has passed their part 107 exam is in possession of their drone certificate with a sUAS rating. Throughout the flights for this job one member of the team acted as a visual observer to help the pilot keep and eye out for any obstacles or hazards that could become present along the flight path. This allows the pilot to ensure the shot is what they need as well as gives an extra set of eyes to ensure the safe operations of the Drone. The particular drone that we flew this day was the DJI Mavic Pro 2. When permitted the drone offers a view of the work site that is unlike any of the other angles that we use. The quality of the camera mounted to the drone allows the contractor to see large sections of the job site at once from an extremely unique perspective.
The last perspective that we offered for the video documentation was the use of our truck mounted camera. For this system we utilize a 4K video camera that is mounted to a device that allows for pan, tilt and zoom controls. These controls can be operated by the camera operator inside the truck. We also use a monitoring system so that we can see what the camera sees and ensure that we get the proper shot for the section of the project that we are covering. We also screen capture a GPS that is synced to the video and provides the location of the video based on GPS location. Narration is also provided on site to ensure that it is synced to the video and so that we can point out any issues or damage that we see as pre-existing in the area. The final portion of this job was the entire area was covered using a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV to capture all of the pre-construction photography for the site. One member of the team captured all the photos while the other two team members were completing the drone flights. Breaking the job up like this ensures that we capture every part of the job site that we need to in a quick and timely manner. All of the pictures are then taken back and labeled in a way that makes them easily viewable should the contractor need to pick out certain photos or find a specific area.

Do you have a project that needs our services? Learn more by calling 412-373-9100, email us at or using our
contact us page. We can be onsite quickly and will deliver outstanding results.