Sewer Infrastructure Rehabilitation, Pre-Construction Video – July 2020

Jersey City, Hudson County, New Jersey
Sewer Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project Phase 1 & 2
Pre Construction Video
July 2020


This project brought ALL PRO USA to Jersey City in Hudson County, New Jersey.  The reason that they reached out was because they were taking on a monumental project to restore a large section of the cities sewer lines across a view parts of the city. This project took place just across the river from Manhattan Island in New York City. This project was a landmark for both our company and theirs. The scale of this project was larger than some of the other projects that we have been asked to complete. From a scale perspective we had to document about seventy streets that would see some type of work throughout the course of this project. This required us to not only documentation of the road surface, but also the conditions of the curbs, sidewalks and buildings along the path of the project. The completion of this project took a two person team three days of documentation. The goal of this documentation was to provide a clear look at all of the areas that would be impacted throughout the project. This allowed for us to document pre existing conditions before the contractor began work. This project only required us to document the streets using video, but photographic documentation is another specialty of ALL PRO USA and photography samples can be viewed here in our gallery

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To complete this project the two person team used state of the art gear to document all of the streets that were required by the contractor. The team utilized 4k video cameras and nikon mirrorless cameras paired with a DJI Ronin-S Gimbal for an unparalleled stable shot. The road surface documentation was completed using the video camera that was mounted to a RAM 1500 truck. This allows for the two person team to safely document the road surfaces from the truck. Safety is a key priority for ALL PRO USA when on the job site. Utilizing two people in the truck allows for one to focus on the surroundings and driving the vehicle, while the other is focused on operating the camera. This ensures that the job is not only completed safely, but also that the shot is what the contractor needs to see. One challenge that this job presented was that the line not only went along stretches of different streets, but also had points along that were it intersected those streets and went a couple hundred feet in both directions on these other streets. This meant that record keeping was extremely important for the team on site. Utilizing the plans that were provided by the contractor we created a through checklist that allowed the team to ensure that everything that was needed was captured. 
The documentation of the sidewalks was talked in two ways. The first way was used when applicable. We continued to utilize the truck mounted camera to capture sidewalks whenever they were not blocked by foliage or parked cars. The other way that we documented the sidewalks for this project was the utilization of our other camera system. This was the Nikon Z6 mirrorless camera and the DJI Ronin-S Gimbal. This allowed for a camera operator to get an incredibly stable handheld shot by walking along the sidewalk. The gimbal holds the camera steady and follows the camera operators movements to keep the shot steady where you would otherwise see bouncing in the shot. This also eliminated another challenge that we faced for road surfaces once we got to documenting the sidewalks. The city was built using a grid system meaning that a lot of the streets were one ways. Getting into position was easy for the on for operator because they did not have to worry about the direction that the road traveled. Once the documentation was completed work back at the studio began. This job required an additional five day week of editing and categorizing to ensure that the end product that the contractor received was easily viewable and more importantly easily understandable. All of the videos were labeled by the name of the street that was the primary focus of documentation. The editors but on screen labels to explain was street we were on or what intersection or street we would be approaching. This means that the contractor can easily view and understand where the shot was being taken.  

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