Wildwood, Cape May County, New Jersey, Pre Construction Video and Photography

Wildwood, Cape May County, New Jersey
Overhead Transmission Line Improvements
Pre Construction Video and Pre Construction Photography Documentation
December 2020

This project took place in the town of Wildwood, New Jersey. This location is on the shore or the Atlantic Ocean in the Tourist town Wildwood. This project had AllProUSA working for two different contractors. We were directly contracted by one to document the area that would be undergoing the transmission line upgrades. The other contractor was above the one that directly contacted us. The reason that the contractors needed our services was there was upgrades to the power lines that serviced this part of West Wildwood. The general contractor required a construction video survey of the area completed prior to the start of the project. There was a small stretch of transmission line towers that were dated and would be replaced to strengthen the power grid that serviced this area. This type of preconstruction video documentation and construction photography documentation is becoming more of a common practice across the United States.

Construction Video

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The documentation for this project was completed in a couple of different methods. The first part of this documentation that AllProUSA completed was the video portion of the documentation. This process was completed in two separate manners. To begin this the team mounted a camera to our RAM 1500 truck and used this document the road surface, sidewalks, curbs, and the front of the homes. To make this safe for the team, two members of the team were required to safely operate the vehicle. One of the team members was in charge of the safe operation of the vehicle. The other was in charge of the operation of the camera. Using controls that are wired inside the cab of the truck the member of the team that was in charge of the operation of the camera. This member of the team can also monitor the shot using a monitor that is connected to the camera via HDMI. The second way that the video was captured was the use of a Nikon Z6 mirrorless camera mounted to a DJI Ronin Gimbal. A member of the team then walked the sidewalks to capture the sidewalks throughout the project. This in tandem with the video from the truck ensured that we captured the sidewalks and curbs through the entire project site even if there were cars or something blocking them from the truck getting the shots. Although this project did not require it AllProUSA has a DJI Mavic Pro 2 Drone. This allows the team to capture angles of the job site that are otherwise unobtainable. Two of the team members at ALLProUSA are licensed by the FAA as drone pilots. This allows the employees to operate drones for commercial work. They have both completed the part 107 exam and have their licenses issued from the FAA.

The other way that we captured the area was a Canon 5D Mark IV. Using this camera the team took photographs across the entire project site. These still photographs allow the team to document specific areas along the project that require additional detail and documentation. To ensure the proper documentation of the project site photos are taken at regular intervals throughout the entire project site. This is often referred to as construction photo documentation. This can be completed either from the air with the drone or from the ground using state of the art still photo cameras. Once the documentation was completed the team returned to the studio to begin the editing process. The video and the photos are categorized by the name of the street or the area that was being documented. This allows the contractor to quickly locate the part of the project that they need to look at should they need it. The videos are then uploaded to Vimeo, a video hosting platform. Using a feature called showcases we can deliver the videos to the contractor that allows them to easily share them should they need to. The photos get watermarked with the date and then are uploaded to smugmug, a similar service for photos, for the same reason. The contractor then also receives two USB Flash Drives to keep on file and have the documentation in a physical form as well.

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