Monroeville, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, Pre Construction Video and Photography

Monroeville, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
Hillside Repair After Landslide
Pre Construction Video and Pre Construction Photography Documentation
December 2020

This project took place in the town of Monroeville, Pennsylvania. This town is located near Pittsburgh and is a part of Allegheny County. There were two contractors on this particular project. The reason that the contractors needed oGur services was there was a landslide behind one of the apartment complexes in the town. The landslide was cause when water line work in the area leaked into the hillside. The engineer was overseeing the project and wanted a video survey of the area. Once the soil was loosened by this the hill eventually slid away exposing the water lines and damaging parts of the buildings and parking lots that were close to edge of the hill. The owner of the apartment complex had also requested that the contractor get the area documented around were the slide had happened. When the company saw our website and that we were located close by they requested a bid and we were on site shortly there after. The overall scale of the project site was not very large and only required two visits to fully document the area that was affected by the land slide. This type of preconstruction video documentation and construction photography documentation is becoming more of a common practice across the United States.

Construction Video

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The documentation for this project was completed in five different ways. The first of these was from the ground using a Nikon Z6 Mirrorless Camera and a DJI Ronin Gimbal. This was used to document ground level video around the buildings, parking lots and other areas around the landslide. The gimbal that we use helps to stabilize the camera and provide a smooth and continuous shot even while the camera operator is walking and moving the camera around. The second method used in the area was ground level video from a tripod. This was utilized in areas that were not easily accessible by the camera operators. The camera that was used in this method was a 4K Panasonic DVX camera. Using the tripod this allows the camera operator to zoom the camera in and still capture a stable shot of the areas that needed to be documented. The third method for video that was utilized was our DJI Mavic Pro 2 Drone. This allowed the drone pilot to capture angles of the landslide that would have otherwise been impossible to capture. Two of the team members at ALLProUSA are licensed by the FAA as drone pilots. This allows the employees to operate drones for commercial work. They have both completed the part 107 exam and have their licenses issued from the FAA.

The fourth way that we captured the area was with the Panasonic camera mounted to our RAM 1500 truck. The camera can safely be controlled from inside the truck using pan and tilt controls that are wired to the camera. The shot also can be seen using a monitor that is connected to the camera via HDMI. Two of the team members are in charge of the process. One is responsible for operating the camera and the other is in charge of safely maneuvering the vehicle through the area. The last method used on this project site was the digital still photography that was captured around the project site. The camera that was used for this was a Canon 5D Mark IV. This camera was used in all the areas that the video was taken and still photos of the area were captured for the contractors. The drone was also used to capture still photography from the air as well.

Once the documentation was completed the team returned to the studio. At this point the work on editing the project began, the team edited and organized the videos by the area that they were captured. The team at ALLProUSA also added information to the corners of the videos to show the date and information about what the contractor was looking at in each shot. Once the video files had been exported from the editing software they were uploaded to Vimeo, a video hosting platform, and organized into showcases. This allows the contractor to quickly find the video files that they need should they need them. By uploading the videos to a service like this it makes it easy for the contractors to share the files with whoever they need to. It also gives them instant access to view them upon the completion of the editing process. In addition to the digital showcases the contractor also receives the files on two USB drives and it allows them to keep them for their records. In addition to the editing of the videos the photos are also processed to ensure the file are the best quality that can be delivered to the contractors. The photos are then hosted on a digital web platform for easy viewing by the contractor and anyone that may need to view them. Also they are added to the two physical USB drives that the contractor receives as well.


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