Construction Video and Construction Photography Services in the State of Ohio


Construction Video and Photography

Ohio Construction Video

For the past 15 years our specialty has been pre construction video and construction photography. Our reputation in this specialized field has grown with positive comments from Project Managers and Engineers that are more than happy to recommend us for great construction site video documentation.

Recently we have completed pre construction videos and progress photography across Ohio including projects in Columbus, Cincinnati, Toledo, Cleveland and Akron, for major contractors including Infrasource Construction, Insituform Construction, Kokosing Industries, Great Lakes Construction, Distel Orders, Par Electric & many more.

Pre Construction

Pre Construction & Post Construction Video documentation is the primary business we provide. States, counties and municipalities often require contractors to enlist the services of a professional video company that specializes in construction video.

Specifications in the project plans for pre construction video are very detailed and have many requirements that include the construction experience of the video company and how the process is expected to be performed.

Interstates and Highways

Recording along or on the shoulders of interstate or state highways is a challenging endeavor. ALL PRO USA has recently performed work on Interstate 275 in Cincinnati, Interstate 475 in Toledo and many state, county and municipal roadways in Ohio.

Using cameras recording at high shutter speeds we are able to maintain a safe rate of speed without sacrificing the quality we need to properly document pre construction conditions of the road surface. For the road surface of the highway it is often necessary to record at speeds up to 60 mph.


ALL PRO USA uses state of the art cameras including 4K SONY A7sIII and NIKON Z-6 mirrorless cameras for video acquisition. These professional grade cameras produce sharp, clear video under the demanding conditions that are common with construction.

For photography we use CANON EOS 5D Mark IV Full Frame cameras for exceptional images regardless of lighting conditions. We are currently in the testing phase of offering 3D Video to our customers.


Our team members are skilled videographers and photographers. All have a minimum of ten years experience in the field on construction video documentation and photography. Our Drone Pilots are full time employees of All Pro USA and are fully certified and licensed by the the F.A.A.​Samples of the extensive work we have produced in Ohio can be viewed on our dedicated Ohio Construction Video Page.

Planning and Execution

Much time is put into the planning of our projects. We begin by reviewing project plans, KMZ files if available and google earth so that our team is aware of the unique challenges of each project. Once we are on site we walk or drive the area that is to be documented while making notes of areas of concern.

For videos that are shot on foot we use professional gimbals for smooth video. When recording from a vehicle we use a Pickup Truck or SUV with a camera mounted 4 ft above the vehicle. The resulting 10 ft elevated shot provides an exceptional view of road surfaces, driveways and sidewalks.

Quality Control

Quality Control at AllProUSA starts with mobilization. All team members are individually responsible for the overall quality of work by the team from the start. Checking all equipment prior to leaving for the job comes first.

Using a prepared shot list we make sure we get more video and photos that are required for the project. This will ensure we have what we need for our customer when we get to editing.


The safety of our team and everyone involved with our project is #1. Our team members are required to wear Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) as is necessary for the specific job. Most projects will require safety boots, safety glasses, hard hats and high visibility vests.

Every project starts with an on site team safety meeting. The project manager reviews the project with team members and points out the safety concerns that may be present on the job site. Included in this meeting are risk assessment for both ground hazards and aerial hazards that could be of concern throughout the project. Team members provide feedback on how to achieve the best quality performance while always maintaining safety as the # 1 goal.

Editing and Delivery of Media

Once the project has been documented the videos and photos are edited to make it easy for our customers to locate any portion of the project they would like to review. We then send multiple USB Drives and retain copies at our studio. We also provide a convenient online gallery for our customers to view, share and download the videos and photos using computers and mobile devices.

Mission Statement

AllProUSA provides a non biased video appraisal of the pre construction conditions of work sites and access areas that serve as a baseline in the determination of damage that may be caused by construction. Our team members conduct themselves in a professional manner and abide by the rule of “Safety First” at all times.

The ALL PRO USA Media Team

For more information contact us by email at or call 412-373-9100.