Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio Pre Construction Video

Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio
Noise Wall Construction
Pre Construction Video and Pre Construction Photography Documentation
March 2021

ALL PRO USA traveled to Toledo, which is located in Lucas County, Ohio. The job site that required documentation were areas off the shoulder of Highways 23 and 475. The contractor was tasked to construct new sound barriers along the highways to block noise from the highway from the neighborhoods that border the highways. This project required us to provide pre construction video documentation. A two person team headed up to Toledo at the end of March to capture the documentation needed so that the contractor could submit it to the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT). This type of documentation was a requirement from ODOT as they began the construction of the walls. In total there were five different walls that would be constructed along the two different highways. Two different video cameras were used to document the job site.

Construction Video

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This type of construction video documentation is completed by the team using the Sony A7Siii mounted to our RAM 1500 Truck. The camera is then hooked up to an HD display via HDMI cable that is in the cab of the truck. This allows the team to ensure that the shot is correct and that everything is in focus. The team split the tasks to ensure the safety of both members while using the truck. One of the team members focused on the safe operation of the vehicle and the other was in charge of the camera operations using a controller and the monitor inside of the vehicle. The other method that was used when the truck could not access the site for documentation was the Nikon Z6 Mirrorless Camera and it was mounted to a DJI Gimbal. This allows for a stable shot as the camera operator walks through the job site. Both team members on site utilized proper safety vests and hard hats as this was a highway and an active worksite. Safety is always a number one priority for the team as they enter every job site.


This job required careful documentation of the shoulder to show existing conditions along the entire route of the jobsites. The team made sure that the entirety of the shoulder was in view for all shots that were taken. This ensured that the contractor was able to see anything that may be needed as the project on the ground was completed. All Pro USA regularly completes pre construction documentation projects of this type for several contractors across the eastern united states. The team on the ground documented the project sites in a logical manner to help with the editing. This project did not require pre construction photos or the use of our drone or aerial construction video. Each of the videos is named and organized so that the contractor can easily identify which files they would need by area of the project. Once the documentation was completed the team returned back to the office to begin editing the footage for the contractor.

Upon completion on the ground the team contacted the project manager to let them know that the job was completed. The team worked to edit the video footage to get it to the contractor as quickly as possible. The videos were edited and the date was imposed in the corner of the video. Other pertinent information was also displayed on screen. Including project name and information about where we were along the project site and which site was being documented. Once the editing of the documentation were complete the videos were uploaded to hosting sites online so that the contractor could access the documentation as quickly as possible. We also copied the files to two USB drives and sent them to the contractor so they had physical copies as well. If interested you can view our qualifications package here.

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