Clinton to Sedalia, Henry County, Pettis County, Missouri
Overhead Electric Transmission Lines
Pre Construction Video and Pre Construction Photography
March 2021

This pre construction video was shot for the contractor for a transmission line upgrade project in Clinton, Windsor and Sedalia Missouri.

Aerial View of Transmission Line

The entire transmission line from Clinton to Sedalia was shot with aerial 4K video to document the conditions of the ROW prior to construction. This construction video documentation was divided into the three sections of the project.

  • Clinton Substation to Windsor Substation
  •  Windsor Substation to Sedalia CEPS SUB DE
  • Structure 1 (Sedalia) to Sedalia WEST SUB DE

These aerial videos travel to the side of the existing transmission towers providing an excellent view of the terrain and property along the route. These videos combine to document the full existing transmission line starting at the Clinton Substation, then to the Windsor Substation, and continuing northeast to the Sedalia Substation, a total of 40 miles.

Road Videos

Roads that could be impacted by construction were recorded as requested. In addition to the requested roads we also recorded all roads in the areas where the transmission line crossed. Detail of fences and other property in these areas were documented. These pre construction, video site survey clips have been titled on the video and by file names. Examples of file names are listed below

  • NE 350th RD - Structures 27 & 28
  • E Jefferson St - Ave E to 52
  • Bryson Rd - Structures 67 & 68

Access Roads - Ground Level

Most of the access roads were shot using aerial video. The roads in this section include roads that were shot using both methods for access areas that were accessible by vehicle. For example …

  • Access to Structures 86-90 at Roberts Ranch

This video begins at the access entrance to Roberts Ranch from Rt 52. This section was shot using the vehicle mounted camera as we entered and passed the house. Once we got the the locked gate near Katy Trail we used our drone to cover grazing areas. By combining the two shots a better overall view of the access area is provided.

Access Roads - Aerial Views

These access areas were shot with a drone using the KMZ file as a guide. Many of these areas were not cut out at the time of the pre construction video documentation.

Also included are a few videos that were not access areas but were documented from a low flight level for more detail of property that was near the ROW. Although this property likely will not be impacted by construction it was deemed close enough to be of concern. Other areas similarly close to the ROW are have been documented.

Additional Detail Videos

Additional photos were taken in areas close to the ROW that may be impacted by construction. It was necessary to document property in these areas with closer detail as some of the areas included visible cracks in cement and other existing damage. Damage to cement is generally something that results in litigation and needs to be documented as clearly as possible.

Photographs Right of Way

In addition to video, photos were taken in areas of concern that may provide more detail in some areas. Photos were lifted from the 4K video of the ROW along the entire route from Clinton to Sedalia. More of these pre construction photographs are used in areas to document the terrain, streams and property, while less are taken in areas of open farmland.

Additional Photos

Thousands of photos were taken in areas of concern including parking lots, curbs, fences or other property. These areas were also documented with video. Photographs and video combined make for better overall construction documentation.


Much planning was put into how best to document this project for our customer. Many farm areas along the ROW were fenced off with livestock that made walking through these areas challenging. With this in mind our solution was to utilize a 4K Drone for the entire 40 mile stretch from Clinton to Sedalia. The drone was flown at a medium height and provided a clear view of the ROW including the terrain, streams, landscape and property. With 4K video we were able to zoom in (punch in) the shot up to 35% to provide for more detail while maintaining high resolution video.

Our drone pilots are both licensed by the F.A.A. and have substantial experience with transmission line video. Our pilots have flown numerous Transmission Line projects in PA for PPL and Virginia for Dominion Energy.

Maintaining FAA rules and regulations we always kept the drone in our line of sight. This meant we could only fly 4-7 structures at a time. Each flight started one structure behind where the previous shot ended for continuity and for a better edited video.

The result was over 50 flights to document just the ROW along the 40 mile stretch. This was a record for our company. As a team we felt really good about this achievement.

We used a three person team of Pilot and two spotters. One spotter watching the drone, the other keeping an eye out aircraft. All three team members were in contact using audio communication headphones during all flights.

The KMZ file was extremely helpful as we moved along with multiple takeoffs and landings.

When recording the roads, we used a RAM 1500 pickup with safety lights and high visibly signs. A 4K video camera was mounted to the roof of the truck. The camera was operated inside the truck with a video monitor and controls for panning and zooming. A three person team of Driver, Camera Operator, and Traffic monitor was used at all times during road recordings.

For recording a Sony A7sIII 4K Video Camera along with an HD Nikon Z-6 were both used for the duration of the construction video documentation. Construction Photographs were taken using a Canon 5D Mark III.


4 Substations

285 Structures

45 Roads & Crossings

71 Flights

40 Miles

5 Cameras

Overall this was a very successful video documentation. The size of this project was challenging, but did not cause any concerns. We planned in advance and made changes as circumstances were presented.

We greatly appreciated the opportunity to work with J.F. Electric, Burns & McDonnell and Evergy on this important project for the great state of Missouri.

The ALL PRO USA Media Team

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