Water Line Replacement, Pre-Construction Video – January 2020

Hillsboro, Highland County, Ohio
Water Line Pre-Construction
January 2020


This particular project did not require progress photography or construction photography. We have done projects in Ohio and other states for the past five years with several contractors. This project required ALL PRO USA to document a Fueling Station parking lot and a parking lot for a Ponderosa Steakhouse. ALL PRO USA was also required to document streets, sidewalks and intersections in the town of Hillsboro, Ohio which is within Highland County about an hour drive from the City of Cincinnati.

The Project that the contractor will be working on is the replacement of dated water lines that currently service the town. With this being a residential area with some traffic traveling through it safety was a top priority for the team. Each of us had high vis vests and hats on, this project did not require hardhats but they were packed in the truck should they become a necessity. While using the drone on this project the three person team was crucial for safety. While our FAA certified drone pilot got the drone ready the other two members of the team were able to keep clear watch for overhead obstacles and traffic in the parking lots. 

The focus of the video was to document the road surface, sidewalks, curbs, culverts, retaining walls, utilities and landscaping along the proposed construction path for the replacement of the pre-existing water lines. Various equipment was used to document the area including video cameras, both handheld and truck mounted, as well as drone videography. ALL PRO USA documented each section of the project in a logical manner using a three man team. By documenting the project in this way the contractor has a cohesive package that can be watched from start to finish to see all of the areas within the limits of disturbance or jump to a specific section to allow for quick reference to a specific street or parking lot. 


OH Construction Video

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The Videos below show how this project was broken down for the Contractor:

Sidewalks, Driveways and Intersection of East Walnut Street

Prior to the start of construction for the replacement of the pre-existing water lines. ALL PRO USA was contracted to do pre-construction video of the road surface conditions for East Walnut Street, along with detail videography of the curbs, sidewalks, driveways, intersections and residences. We documented both sides of this street as well as their sidewalks and intersections.

Gasoline Station Parking Lot, Drone Video

For the parking lot of the Gasoline Station we decided to let our FAA Certified Drone Pilot get the drone in the air for video documentation of the part of the lot that would be affected by the work from Distel. As mentioned earlier this is where having a three man team makes life easier for us in terms of safety. While the pilot focuses on the drone the others can keep an eye on the path the drone is following and watch for overhead hazards, while the other can watch for traffic or other hazards that could exist.

Sidewalk Documentation Gimbal Mounted Mirrorless Camera

Here at ALL PRO USA we have one thought on our minds at all times, that is how can make our product even better for the contractors to make their lives easier. We realized that there were some tools that we had not been utilizing to do this. We decided to purchase a gimbal to mount our mirrorless cameras to. This allows the handheld camera operator to get a much more steady shot. It gives the effect of using a drone in places the drone cannot go.

Sidewalks and Home Fronts, Truck Mounted Camera

For a bulk of the videography of this project we used our truck mounted camera with PAN-TILT-ZOOM controls for the road surfaces, intersections and sidewalks. This allows the camera operator to maintain control over the camera while moving the vehicle from point to point. This is especially nice in the colder months. It allows us to take on jobs that would otherwise be brutal in the winter time. This is all done in a safe manner as well. The truck is clearly marked with flashing safety lights and proper signage to make it clearly visible to pedestrians and traffic.

Do you have a project that needs our services? Learn more by calling 412-373-9100, email us at info@AllProUSA.com or using our
contact us page. We can be onsite quickly and will deliver outstanding results.