Xenia, Ohio (near Dayton – Columbus) Natural Gas Pipeline Installation Contractor – Minnesota Limited LLC

This pre-construction video project was a gas line replacement in Xenia Ohio with the center line traveling through backyards of several homes in the township. As mentioned in previous columns, Townships and Municipalities often require contractors to provide pre-construction video.

In this case it was the contractor, Minnesota Limited, that was concerned and hired ALL PRO USA to document the pre-construction conditions of the homeowners’ property including fences, landscaping, patios, foundations, retaining walls driveways, garages, sheds and sidewalks.

In addition to our ground level camera operator getting the detail required of the pre existing damage, we decided a multi-level aerial view with a drone would be useful. From this short video you can see the center line and LODs (lines of disturbance) providing an accurate view of the construction proximity to the homeowners’ property.

We also used our vehicle mounted cameras to record the pre construction conditions of the roadways in and out of the job site. Our thorough documentation assured that the contractor would be covered with regards to township and county roads that may be affected. This project did not require our progress video or Progress Photography services.