Columbus, Bartholomew County, Ohio, Pre Construction Video

Columbus, Bartholomew County, Ohio
Video Documentation of Existing Conditions
Pre Construction Video Documentation
July 2021

This Pre Construction Video project was shot in Columbus, Ohio. The location of the documentation on the campus of Ohio State University. They asked us to document the areas around the site that they would be excavating. The site consisted of one road in particular, that road was John H Herrick Dr. This road runs along the campus of OSU. They asked us for clear documentation of the curbs, road surface, sidewalks, a bridge and any other detail that we noticed while on the ground. This particular project only required pre construction video documentation and did not require our construction photography documentation services.


Construction Video

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For this project AllProUSA sent out a two person team to capture the job site for the contractor. Safety was at the forefront of the teams minds throughout the documentation. They ensured that Hi-Vis Safety gear such as vests and hats were worn throughout the documentation. Also in the gear packed for the project were hard hats should they be needed at any point throughout the completion of the documentation of the project site. This documentation was completed in two main ways. One was using our truck mounted camera and the other was handheld documentation using a stabilizer for the camera. The camera that was used was a Sony A7Siii mirrorless camera. We first mounted the camera to the truck using our methods to safely secure it to the vehicle. With on camera stabilization available to the team the shot looks incredibly smooth for no additional stabilizing equipment. Once the camera is mounted the team wires it to controls and a monitor inside the truck to allow for easy control of the camera and observation of the shot throughout the documentation. The two person team splits the tasks of operating the camera and operating the vehicle. Once several passes of the site were completed to capture all angles of the road and project site the team took to foot to complete the documentation. This project did not require the team to use our drone, but AllProUSA currently has to FAA licesned pilots able to operate it.

This part of the documentation allowed the team to detail the sidewalks and the curbs even further than what could be seen from the trucks angle. In addition there was a statue that needed carful documentation prior to the start of the construction at the site. Once the documentation on the ground was completed the team returned to the office. At this point the only thing remaining was to edit the video files from the location. Everything was captured in 4K resolution and is edited in professional software. Titles are added to the videos to help convey where the shots are taken along the route and what exactly is being captured in each shot. Other pertinent information such as the date is also added to the video files as well. Once the files are exported to things happen. The contractor receives a link of the video files once they are uploaded to an only video hosting platform named Vimeo. The files are put into something called a showcase that is sent to the contractor. Lastly the contractor receives two USB drives to keep on file for their records.

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