Tysons to Idylwood Transmission Line Project, Pre-Construction Photo and Video – January 2020

Tysons & Dunn Loring, Fairfax County Virginia
Transmission Line Pre-Construction
Video & Photography
January 2020


For this Pre Construction Video we were hired by an Electrical Contractor in Virginia. We have done projects in Virginia and other states for the past five years with several contractors. Photos of the Interstates 495 and 66 were required by The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) prior to the start of of the project that would cross the two important interstates. ALL PRO USA has previously done work for contractors working for VDOT on Interstate 95 in Fredericksburg, Virginia and on Interstate 64 near Richmond, Virginia.

This project was in the towns of Tysons and Dunn Loring, Virginia which are within Fairfax County. The focus of the video was to document the road surface, sidewalks, curbs, culverts, retaining walls, utilities and landscaping along the proposed construction path for a project that would connect two power substations. Various equipment was used to document the area including video cameras and DSLR cameras for photography. The project was divided into several phases lettered from A to I. We broke down the video recording and photography by these phases to allow the Contractor quick and easy reference to the different areas that would be worked on during the course of the project. 


VA Construction Video

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Photos and Video below show the Breakdown of the Phases:

International Drive Tysons, Virginia

Prior to the start of construction for the underground electrical transmission line. ALL PRO USA was contracted to do a pre-construction video of the road surface conditions of International Drive, along with detail photography of the curbs and sidewalks. We documented all lanes in both directions for this project.

Gallows Road Dunn Loring, Virginia

For Gallows Road ALL PRO USA provided video documentation of the road surface conditions of all lanes in both directions, prior to the start of construction. Detail construction photography was was utilized for the curbs and sidewalks.

Washington & Old Dominion trail

The Washington and Old Dominion Trail is popular for walking and biking. The transmission line followed on or near the trail from the trailhead at Gallows Road to Interstate 66. Construction video and construction progress photography were part of the specifications from the contractor. Detailed documentation of the trail from Gallows Road to Interstate 66 was captured by ALL PRO USA.

Interstate 495

Interstate 495 was the most challenging aspect of this project. Directional boring will be traversing underneath all lanes of the interstate. VDOT required pre-construction video and pre-construction photography prior to the start of the project. The neighboring overpass from Interstate 66 provided the best possible vantage point for the capture of Interstate 495 and was utilized for this purpose.

Interstate 66

Interstate 66 was challenging in similar ways to Interstate 495. There were no overhead vantage points to shoot the lanes where the transmission line would be crossing the Interstate. ALL PRO USA utilized proprietary methods to document all lanes in both directions with both video and photography. What made this especially challenging is that this section of Interstate 66 was divide by the Orange Line Metro that runs to Washington D.C.

Orange Metro Line Dunn Loring to Washington D.C.

The Orange Line Metro sits between the East and West lanes of Interstate 66, and with the directional bore going beneath the tracks. Video documentation and photo documentation was critical to the transit authority. In addition to the tracks, ALL PRO USA provided detail video and photos of the surrounding area including the security fence and wall on each side of the metro tracks.

Do you have a project that needs our services? Learn more by calling 412-373-9100, email us at info@AllProUSA.com or using our
contact us page. We can be onsite quickly and will deliver outstanding results.