Haysi, Dickenson County, Virginia Pre Construction Video and Photo Documentation

Haysi, Dickenson County, Virginia
Video Documentation of Existing Conditions
Pre Construction Video and Photo Documentation

This particular project had All Pro USA travel to the town of Haysi, Virginia. This project was in a part of Virginia that boarded Kentucky. The contractor had asked the time to document areas around the Flannagan Dam, including some road surfaces, the bridge, the piers and caps, and the abutments. A two person team made the trip down and used various pieces of equipment including High Quality 4k cameras and our state of the art drone to capture all of the areas in question. In addition to the specific areas of concern All Pro made sure to capture the areas like sidewalks, curbs, driveways, man hole covers, culverts and so on. The goal was to provide the contractor with a detailed look at the jobsite. This project required our pre construction videography and pre construction photography services. All Pro USA is a trusted construction video service nationwide and our Construction Videographers have worked on projects with major contractors in the space.

Construction Video

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To capture the road surfaces and areas around the bridge the team used the normal techniques that we use to ensure a great shot and good coverage of the area. Once those areas were thoroughly documented the team pulled out the drone for the more challenging portion of the documentation. At All Pro USA we have two FAA part 107 licensed drone pilots that operate the drones on site. They comply and stay up to date with all rules and regulations that apply to operation of a drone. This as the more intricate part of the documentation for this project. It required the drone pilot to operate around and under the bridge. The pilot maneuvered the drone in and out of the different areas of concern on the bridge to ensure that each of the areas was properly covered for the contractor.

Once the documentation was completed the team notified the contractor and then head back to the studio. The team would now begin the editing process for the project. All of the media from the project is captured and then backed up on multiple hard drives for safe keeping at the studio. These are held onto for Five Years by All Pro USA in case a contractor would need something in the future. There can be special cases where it is requested by the contractor that these files are deleted when the editing is completed. Videos are edited to remove unnecessary sections that the contractor would not need. Titles and relevant information is then overlaid on the videos to make it easy for whoever is viewing the video or photos knows what they are looking at. Once the photos and the videos are down they are uploaded to a Smug Mug Gallery and a Vimeo Showcase. These are both online viewing platforms that allow the contractor to easily view and share the media. The contractor also receives two USB drives that contain copies of all the files for their own safe keeping and records.

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