Jackson, Jackson County, Michigan, Pre Construction Video

Jackson, Jackson County, Michigan
Video Documentation of Existing Conditions
Pre Construction Video Documentation
April 2023

This Pre Construction Video project was shot in Jackson, Michigan at the Waste Water Treatment Plant and a Lift Station that was tied to the plant. The Contractor had requested our services to document the existing conditions throughout the Treatment Plant. This included several of the interior area where work would take place as well as some of the exterior, roof and road surfaces near the buildings. The contractor asked for clear documentation of the parking lots, curbs, entrances to the buildings, aprons and driveways that we saw that had visible deterioration. The interior portion of the documentation asked for clear shots of walls, floors, ceilings and equipment that may be impacted during the project. This project utilized the full suite of cameras that we have to offer this include DSLR cameras for photos and mirrorless cameras mounted to stabilizers for smooth walking video.  In addition to these methods the team also used our drone for aerial construction video or pre construction photography.

Construction Video

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The team utilized handheld video systems to conduct all construction video documentation from the ground level. This involved using a mirrorless camera mounted to a gimbal stabilizer. The handheld stabilizer ensures a clear and stable shot while walking with the camera through the different areas of the project. In addition to this another member of the team had a handheld camera for construction photography. Using a flash and this camera they were able to capture the areas and light them properly so the contractor could easily see the areas that would be worked on. 

During the documentation for this project the team worked with a contact that was on site with them. This allowed the team to ensure that every area that need to be documented was captured. A shot list was provided by the contractor and the team followed to ensure that nothing was missed at either of the locations that needed to be documented. In addition to the video the on camera microphone was used to verbally document what the camera sees while they move through the job site.

The team uses the plans or maps of the project site to properly name the video files as they are exported. This allows the contractor to easy identify exactly what they are looking at in the shot. Once the files are exported they are uploaded to a video hosting service called Vimeo. The files are organized into a showcase to allow the contractor to easily view and share the files online. The contractor is also sent two USB drives with the video files on them for their personal records.

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