Hartford, Hartford County, Connecticut, Pre Construction Video and Photo Documentation

Video and Photo Documentation of Existing Conditions
Pre Construction Video and Photography
January 2023

For this project All Pro USA traveled to Hartford, CT to document the area around a hospital that was going to undergo some improvements. This video and photo documentation was conducted over a five day period of January 15th – 20th, 2023. A two person team documented the hospital exterior grounds, building facades, and the interiors of the employee parking garages and the public parking garage. A variety of methods was used to capture this documentation. A mix of Aerial Photography, Handheld Camera solutions and a vehicle mounted option was used for this project. The Contractor that requested our pre construction video services was interested in seeing the pre existing conditions in multiple areas of the hospitals campus. These areas were mainly focused around the parking structures that serviced the hospital. They wanted to see the conditions of the parking decks, curbs, road surfaces, walls, ceilings and other key parts for the integrity of the structure.

Construction Video

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Exterior Photos were shot hand held documenting ground level conditions and drone photos were used to get views of selected building facades. Other facade photos and videos were shot from ground level. Depending on the situation, video or photos were used. In many instances both video and photos were used to provide a comprehensive documentation of the pre construction conditions. Extra time was spent documenting the employee garage because of the concerning conditions. In particular the North wall of this garage was the closest to the project site so this was a focus for the team on the ground to ensure that it was properly documented. Rebar was showing in many areas of the ceilings in all areas of the employee garage. The east garage on the lower floors had the most of this type of damage. Rebar was however visible on all levels. This project presented a challenge to the team and that was lighting. During the day light coming in from the outside made it difficult to capture different parts of the garage. The team shot rooftops and exterior shots during the daytime. Then returned at night to capture the interior so that the harsh sunlight did not affect the lighting of the shot.

Once the documentation was completed the team notified the contractor and then made their way back to the studio to begin the editing process. This is usually broken into a few parts. The first thing that is done is backing up of all files that were captured at the site. Clips and files are backed up onto to external hard drives for safe keeping at the studio. These are held onto in case All Pro USA or the contractor would ever need them in the future. There are special cases where all files are deleted if asked for by the contractor due to the sensitive nature of the project site. Videos are edited to remove unnecessary sections that the contractor would not need. Titles and relevant information are then overlaid on the videos to make it easy for the contractor or whoever is viewing the file to know what they are looking at. This is also done for all photos that are taken at the site. Once the photos and videos are finalized they are uploaded to Smug Mug and a Vimeo Showcase respectively. These are online viewing platforms that allow the contractor to easily view or share the media. The contractor then also receives two physical USB drives that they can hold onto for their own personal records. These can be copied and shared as needed by the contractor.

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