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Washington D.C.
Video Documentation of Existing Conditions
Pre Construction Video

For this project All Pro USA headed to Washington D.C. The contractor that reached out to us had requested that we document an area for a project that they would be working on. The project site was a neighborhood that would be undergoing improvements for the infrastructure. The Contractor was interested in seeing the pre existing conditions of road surfaces, sidewalks, man hole covers, curbs, culverts and whatever else the team saw while they were on location at the project site. This project required our Pre Construction Video Services. For this particular project the contractor did not request our Pre Construction Photography Documentation.

Construction Video

Across the Washing D.C. area, ALL PRO USA is the contractor's choice for Construction and Pre Construction Video and Photography including Road Videos, Aerial Drone Coverage and Progress Video of Worksites.

We've recently completed projects in Richmond, Norfolk, Fredericksburg and several other cities across the state.

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This project was in large part the roads that made up a neighborhood near Washington D.C. For the road surfaces the team mounted a 4K camera to the truck and drove each road getting a detailed shot of the existing conditions of the road surface. The team in the truck used tools such as camera controls and a video monitor to ensure that the camera was getting the shot that the contractor needed. Once the road surface documentation was completed the team took to the sidewalks with cameras mounted to gimbals to walk each of the sidewalks that was a part of the project. The gimbals offer the handheld camera a form of stabilization that makes the shot smooth while the team is walking down the sidewalks. This project did not require it and requesting authorization in the D.C. area can be tricky, but All Pro USA also offers Drone Services. Two of the employees are FAA certified and have their credentials to operate a drone for commercial work. They have both passed the part 107 exam and have their SUAS licenses.

After completing the documentation All Pro USA notified the contractor and returned to the studio to begin the editing process. The first step is to capture all of the media from the project and make sure that it is backed up on multiple hard drives for safe keeping. Once this is completed the footage is imported into a video editing software where the team removes unneeded portions of the video such as positioning and setting up for a shot. Then titles are imposed on the video to convey important information to make the videos easy to understand. This includes date, location, name of company, what is being recorded and the start and stop points for the video. Once they are exported the clips are uploaded to a site called Vimeo in the form of a showcase. This allows the contractor to easily view and share the videos with whoever needs to view them. The contractor also receives two USB drives for their own personal records.

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