Occoquan, Fairfax and Prince William County, Virginia, Pre Construction Video and Pre Construction Photo

Occoquan Historic District, Prince William County and Fairfax County VA
Video and Photo Documentation of Existing Conditions
Pre Construction Video Documentation and Pre Construction Photography
November 2022

The project site was in the Occoquan Historic District in Northern Virginia. The contractor was interested in our Construction Video and Construction Photo Documentation. They wanted us to document any pre existing conditions in the road surface, driveways, sidewalks, curbs and any other notable pre existing conditions that we saw while on site. The contractor had requested our services for this project site because of the historical relevance of the area. This project also fell into two counties. They are Prince William County and Fairfax County. For this project ALL PRO USA utilized multiple camera systems to complete the documentation.

Construction Video

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For the vehicle mounted portion of the documentation, ALL PRO USA used a two person team to compelte the documentation. The camera is mounted to our RAM 1500 truck and is wired to controls and a monitor that is inside the vehicle. The camera system that is used for this is our Sony A7Siii. This allows the team member inside the vehicle to do two things. One of the members of the team is responsible for the operation of the camera and monitoring the shot using the screen inside the truck. This member of the team has full control over the camera using a remote control inside the vehicle. The other member of the team inside the vehicle is responsible for the safe operation of the vehicle. They make sure that the vehicle is operated in a safe manner and that all traffic laws are followed. This truck mounted camera gives an excellent elevated view of the road surface and the sides of the road throughout the project site where driving is possible. The nature of the project area meant that the team had to take extra care in documenting the historic buildings and roads that were close to the project site.

Once the truck mounted documentation is completed two of members of the team take to foot to complete the ground level documentation from another angle. The Team utilized the handheld cameras to capture angles of a walking bridge and a park that was accross the river from the pump station. They took care to document any pre exisiting conditions that were noticed in the sidewalks, curbs and driveways. The cameras used for this were a Nikon Z6 mounted to a DJI Ronin Gimbal to stabilize the camera while the operator walked along the project path. For photography a Canon 5D Mark IV was used to capture stills along the same path.

After the documentation was completed the contractor was notified that the team had finished the job. At this point the team returned to the studio to begin the editing process. Files are copied to external hard drives and then backed up to ensure nothing from the project is lost. All editing is completed inside of professional software from Adobe. The photos and the videos have titles added to the top corners of them. Using maps, plans or a KMZ for the project the team acurratley conveys information through these titles to the viewer. This can include the date, loctation, project name, county, town and other information that could be useful or important to the contractor. During the exporting of the files they are named to make it easy for the contractor to identify the videos or photos by the titles in their folders.

Lastly, when editing and exporting are complete the team uploads the video to a hosting site called Vimeo and the Photos to a website called Smugmug. The videos on Vimeo are organized into a showcase that allows for the sharing of all videos with just one link. This allows the contractor to share the documents to anyone that needs to see them. Whether that is the township, county, state or even other contractors they can be viewed via tablet, mobile device or from the comuter using a web browser. In addition to these digital viewing options the contractor also recieves two USB drives for their own personal records.

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