Hartford, Hartford County, Connecticut, Pre Construction Video

Hartford, CT Hartford County
Video and Photo Documentation of Existing Conditions
Pre Construction Video Documentation
October 2022

All Pro USA had an extremely busy 2022, the team traveled to many different states and cities for various projects. This project was one that found the team in Hartford, Connecticut. It was a large scale job where the contractor was going to be relining old sewer systems around the city. This job actual took place in four additional places near Hartford. Those were Whethersfield, Newington, Bloomfield and Windsor. Although it was a large scale job the team worked extremely hard to get things done in a timely fashion. This job had two team members assigned to it. The contractor was interested in seeing all pre existing conditions of things like road surfaces, sidewalks, man hole covers, curbs, culverts and anything else that the team saw while on location. This project required pre construction video.

Construction Video

Across Connecticut, ALL PRO USA is the contractor's choice for Construction and Pre Construction Video and Photography including Road Videos, Aerial Drone Coverage and Progress Video of Worksites.

We've recently completed projects in Hartford, West Harford, Windsor and several other locations across the state.

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The team utilized our own methods for mounting the cameras to safely document the road surfaces and the sidewalks. Using our own methods we mounted everything to our RAM 1500 truck and proceeded to document the different segments of the project. A two person team was used to ensure safety during all documentation. One of the members was in charge of driving the vehicle. The other had controls and a monitor inside the truck to manipulate the cameras and ensure the shot was what we needed for the contractor. Safety is a top priority when we are in the field. All team members wear the proper PPE and Hi Vis vests and clothing to ensure safe documentation. In areas that the truck could not get to or if the view of the camera was blocked the team would take the cameras and mount them to stabilizers and walk through those areas to ensure clear and proper documentation. This project also utilized aerial video documentation. Team members have passed their part 107 exams and stay current with all FAA regulations for safe drone operations. A few of the areas for this project required the team to utilize the drone because they were impassable in any other way.

Once the documentation was done the team notified the contractor that is was done and proceeded to head back to the studio to begin the editing process. All clips for a project are copied and backed up in two separate places at the studio. These are also held onto in case the contractor would ever need something in the future. Videos are edited to only include what the contractor needs so there is no unnecessary video or audio while getting into position for a shot. Titles are also overlaid onto the video to clearly convey to the contractor what part of the project they are looking at. Once the clips are exported they are uploaded to Vimeo into a showcase. This is an online viewing platform that allows the contractor to easily view or share the videos with whoever needs to see them. In addition to the online copies the contractor also receives two physical drives for their own records that they can keep and copy if they need to.

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