Peoria, Peoria County, Illinois, Pre Construction Video Documentation

Peoria, Peoria County, Illinois
Video and Photo Documentation of Existing Conditions
Pre Construction Video Documentation – Haul Routes
January 2023

Kicking off the new year, All Pro USA had a great start, with several jobs ranging from local to many different locations across the United States. This included trips to Maryland, California and Connecticut. The project that this blog will focus on is a Job that took place in Peoria, Illinois. The contractor that requested our services was one that has used us for various projects in the past. A company that specializes in work on new and existing water towers in various parts of the USA. The contractor was interested in seeing the pre existing conditions of road surfaces, sidewalks, man hole covers, curbs, culverts and whatever else the team saw while they were on location. This project required the our pre construction video services. The specific type of documentation that the contractor was interested in was for Haul Routes.

Construction Video

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The team on the ground was equip with several techniques to ensure the contractor got the documentation that they needed before they started work on the project. This is included handheld camera solutions, a truck mounted option and out drone for aerial video if the project should require it. This project was mostly road ways so the team primarily utilized the truck mounted method for the documentation. Using our own techniques the team mounted a Sony A7siii to the truck and got to work. The camera sits at an elevated position allowing for a clear and unobstructed view of the road surface throughout the documentation. Safety is also a top priority for the team when they are in the field. Both members of the team wore the appropriate Hi Vis vests and clothing to ensure their safety while on the project site. In addition to this PPE the team also operates the truck in a safe manner. Using a two person team one of the team members focused on the camera and operating it using controls inside the truck, while the other focuses on safe operation of the vehicle. Although this project did not require it the team had the drone with them in case it was needed. Two of the employees at All Pro USA have their Part 107 license through the FAA. They have passed all required tests and stay up to date on the new drone regulations that the FAA releases. This allows these team members to operate drones for commercial use.

After the documentation is completed the team notifies the contractor and then heads back to the studio to begin the editing process. All clips for a project are copied and backed up in two separate places at the studio. These are also held onto in case the contractor would ever need something from the project in the future. Videos are edited to include on the parts that the contractor would find useful. Unnecessary audio and video segments are removed. This includes getting into position for a shot or segments that are beyond the scope where stopping the vehicle would be unsafe. In addition to this titles are overlaid on the video to clearly convey what the viewer is looking at in terms of the scope of the project. When the clips are finalized and exported they are then uploaded to Vimeo and organized into a showcase. This is an online viewing platform that is sent to the customer that allows them to easily view or share the videos wherever they need them. In addition to the online copies the contractor also receives two physical drives from All Pro USA for their own records to keep and to copy if needed.

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