April 29, 2020

230kv Capitol Grid Takoma Substation to Harvard Substation – March 2020

Washington D.C. 230kv Capitol Grid Takoma Substation to Harvard Substation Video and Photography March 2020 We have done projects in Washington D.C. and other cities for the past five years with several contractors. This project required ALL PRO USA to document the entirety of the proposed project path by the contractor. They would be connecting two substations in Washington D.C. that would cover about 73 blocks. When it was all said and done covering both […]
August 2, 2023

Washington DC Pre Construction Video Services

Washington D.C. Video Documentation of Existing Conditions Pre Construction Video 07-06-2023 For this project All Pro USA headed to Washington D.C. The contractor that reached out to us had requested that we document an area for a project that they would be working on. The project site was a neighborhood that would be undergoing improvements for the infrastructure. The Contractor was interested in seeing the pre existing conditions of road surfaces, sidewalks, man hole covers, […]