Ann Arbor, Washtenaw County, Michigan, Pre Construction Video

Ann Arbor, Washtenaw County, Michigan
Video Documentation of Existing Conditions
Pre Construction Video Documentation
September 2021

This Pre Construction Video project was shot in Ann Arbor, Michigan at the University of Michigan. The Contractor had requested our services to document the existing conditions around a set of roads that they would be working on. Most of the areas around the road were part of the university, this included different academic and sports facilities. The contractor asked for clear documentation of the parking lots, curbs, entrances to the buildings, aprons, driveways, and any other parts of the shoulders of the roads that we saw that had visible deterioration. This particular project was captured using one of our state of the art mirrorless cameras. This camera was the Sony A7Siii. Due to the nature of the area it did not require the team on the ground to utilize our drone for aerial construction video or pre construction photography.

Construction Video

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The team utilized our truck mounted camera system to conduct all construction video documentation from the ground level. This method involved mounting the Sony A7Siii to our RAM 1500 Truck. The team mounted the camera to the truck using our own methods that we have developed. The camera is then hooked up to controls inside of the cab of the truck. This allows for safe operation of the camera on the pan and tilt axis from inside the vehicle.

This process utilizes a two person team that allows one of them to focus on the operation of the vehicle while the other operates the camera. Safety is always at the front of the minds of the ALLPROUSA team. In addition to these controls the team member that is in charge of the operation of the camera has a small HD display that is also hooked up to the camera. This allows that member of the team to monitor the shot and ensure proper framing to captrue what the contractor needs. In addition to the video there is a microphone inside the truck to allow the team to also verbally document what the camera sees while they move through the job site.

Once the documentation is completed on site, the contractors are notified that the team has completed the documentation. The team then returns to the studio where the editing process begins. All video files are copied and properly backed up to prevent anything from being lost. The actual editing process takes place inside of professional editing software. Titles are added to the videos at the top of the screen to convey important information to the project. This includes the date that the video was captured as well as street names or intersections that are being documented.

The team uses the plans or maps of the project site to properly name the video files as they are exported. This allows the contractor to easy identify exactly what they are looking at in the shot. Once the files are exported they are uploaded to a video hosting service called Vimeo. The files are organized into a showcase to allow the contractor to easily view and share the files online. The contractor is also sent two USB drives with the video files on them for their personal records.

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